About me

I've been a guitar player for over 20 years now (pfew, time goes by quickly) and I'm constantly looking for new and exciting gear that stands out, even way before I started this shop. Sadly enough most of it isn't available around here... until now.

I'm specializing in just a few brands in order to give you the best possible advice I can give about the gear I sell. I'd rather have variety within a brand than a large variety of brands. Too many times I've seen many brands alongside each other, but with too little variation within the brand itself, so no way to compare. So if you’re interested in a brand, here you’ll have the opportunity to try out different models at all times. I also ship worldwide, I have customers all over the world so feel confident to order from me.
And regarding the name, well, I'd like you to feel like a kid in a candy store and in this candy store you can look and touch, I don't recommend tasting though. I can and will offer you a nice fresh cup of coffee or something else to drink so you enjoy your time here even more.